About Us


The Cade Corporation...Solutions...Supply...Service.

This is a family run company that was founded over 30 years ago, The Cade Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of waterproofing products for the Construction industry in the Bay Area.

Since it's opening, Cade has been providing superior waterproofing products for new construction, redevelopment projects, multi-level parking structures, stadiums and caulking & coatings for many of our high-rise buildings. Our products are part of the building blocks that go into our city structures; they preserve, protect, enhance and above all waterproof our Bay Area structures.

Whether you are a general contractor, an architect, an applicator, subcontractor, engineer or commercial building owner, Cade can help you with your project. We have unmatched technical expertise with over 30 years experience to answer all your questions and provide you with cost effective Solutions for your waterproofing projects. Further, Cade has the largest Supply of waterproofing products in Northern California, with over 30,000 sq ft of warehouse space to meet our customers' demands.

Let Cade help you find solutions for your waterproofing projects, call us today!

Mission – all about our customers!

At Cade, we work to serve our customers and have always put people first. This is how our business was built. This fundamental principle has forged many of the long lasting business relationships that we still have today. Our company culture is based on this fundamental principal: "people first." This is why customer Service is every employee's top priority at Cade.

As a team, we work together to assure our success and future growth. We all work hard to enhance and improve the quality of our customer relationships because we believe when we help our customers succeed with their waterproofing projects, we mutually succeed and this allows Cade to achieve its own company goals. In turn, we can give back to our employees, who have been committed and working hard to meet our customers needs.

A combination of competitive pricing and a high priority on customer service has made The Cade Corporation one of the top suppliers of waterproofing products in Northern California.


The Cade corporation has unmatched technical expertise; with our technical representatives having over 35 years of combined experience in the field. This invaluable experience and knowledge allows our team to answer and solve our customers most challenging waterproofing problems. 

Further, this first hand knowledge and experience allows Cade to provide our customers with cost effective solutions for their waterproofing projects. If additional support is needed our strong ties and long term business relationships with our manufactures allow us to work together, to find a solution for our customers. This is a win, win for our customers.

When it comes to technical support and helping you decide on the right products for your projects... Cade has an unrivaled technical support team that clearly separates Cade from the competition. Our competitors simply don't have the hands on experience that we provide our customers... that makes The Cade Corporation unique in this arena.